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Estate Planning

Last Will and Testament

A document by which a person directs his or her estate to be distributed upon death.  A person can make a direct distribution to a beneficiary or establish a trust for the benefit of someone (usually a minor child or special needs adult) within the Will.  Wills can be made as simple or complex as needed.

Please visit our FAQ’s page for valuable information regarding Last Wills and Testaments.

Will Questionnaire

We know that your time is valuable, so we have made preparing a Will an easy process for you.  If you would like for us to prepare a Last Will and Testament, please fill out our online Will Questionnaire or download our attached PDF to fill out and send to us.  We will send you a draft to review, and when the Will is in perfect order, we will contact you to schedule an appointment at your convenience to sign.  It’s that easy.


A document by which a person intentionally creates an interest in property, real or personal, for the benefit of another person during his or her lifetime.  You can create a “living trust” (established and funded while you are living) or a “testamentary trust” (established within a Last Will and Testament to be funded upon your death).

If a beneficiary of a trust is receiving Medicaid or Disability (state benefits), a person can create a Medicaid Trust or Special Needs Trust to hold the property belonging to the individual so the individual does not lose his or her state benefits.  Under these circumstances, only certain expenditures are allowed from the Trust.  Please contact our firm to discuss whether this special trust would fit your intentions and needs.

Please visit our FAQ’s page for valuable information regarding Medicaid Trusts.

Family Limited Partnerships

This legal entity is an estate planning tool used by family members to move wealth from one generation to another utilizing certain tax advantages.